Sunday, March 27, 2011

what works best on amazon - fancy book cover with with image or just title in big black letters?

Here are the stats for March 2011
  • on kindle, I have 44 titles
  • 26 titles have an image on the cover
  • 18 title are just text on the cover
Here are the sales stats:
  • kindle sales with image cover - 25
  • kindle sales with text cover - 9
  • paperback sales with image cover - 3
  • paperback sales with text cover - 7
  • nook sales with image cover - 3
  • nook sales with text cover - 6
  • with image cover - 31
  • with text cover - 22
As you can see, there is no major difference in the sales - Of course, not enough sales to have a final real exact statistical result but the numbers are quite clear...

here is what I think happens:
  • what people don't want is a real cheap cover - I took the time to design a cover with logo, some color and descriptive title with big lack letters
  • in the listing results, I believe that the clear text in bold large letters on the cover does stand out and is easy to spot
  • people will most probably download a sample and check the table of content before they make a decision
  • I get a bit the impression that only text on the cover might even position you as an expert and give a bit the feel of and expert report - many to selling ebooks out there have no picture on their icons, just plain descriptive text in thick letters.
  • Another element is that my descriptive titles do need the space on the cover anyway and it would be challenging to have both a picture + descriptive title and be readable on the small preview icons.
  • at this stage, I don't have a final answer but it is clear that titles with just text on cover do sell
So, for now, the conclusion is that the strategy I used so far does work

To be followed...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Books and ebooks strategies - a few questions

Now that my collection is published for kindle, partly as paperbacks and for nook, a few core strategic questions arise...

  • should I put links on my site to the amazon and nook pages?
that's like diverting traffic and could be confusing - so far I started and it seems to work but that's lots of links to update (50 titles) and potential for errors with linking is high.

So far though that's what I went for.

  • What terms to use - Books? Ebooks? Books/Ebooks? - create just one page for both products with all links or different sets?
What I tried so far is to have just one link: Books but I have to get a feel if this is not confusing as an ebook or a kindle format is very different from a paperback.

Books, audios or videos are radically different formats - books and ebooks have similar content

I want to keep things always simple to the max - this is why I want to find the absolute best way of doing that.


I am testing these things organically as the best way to find out is to try... So far I like what I create but it needs to be 100% coherent all over the site with just one system everywhere - so far it's not the case because I am still testing various formats.

Annotations to videos on youtube? doesn't make much difference

I tested on my 10 jealousy video series to ad annotations on the video.

Doesn't seem to change much... Of course I am not 100% sure what the impact would be if the annotations were not there... Here is what I observe:

  • Traffic to the jealousy for men page? - no change
  • Number of views? Similar as before - 100-300 views range - same as my Shanghai videos
  • It helps a but with branding and advertising I guess but the change is not significant 
+ it's an extra 15 min of work/video - so not really worth it or needed so far...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

copyright - how it works

When you create a document (such as a book) and print it or save it on any hard-drive, thumb drive etc, you have simultaneously created a copyright to that document, owned by you. It will continue to be owned by you unless you transfer it to someone or some company. You can register the copyright with the US government if you choose, and this can make your copyright easier to enforce, but doing so does not create any rights, it just records them.

If you publish your document, unless you relinquish copyright ownership to the publisher or grant the publisher specific rights, you still own the copyright with the same rights you had previously. Publishing with CS does not transfer copyright ownership - it grants CS a non-exclusive right to publish the document. You can publish it elsewhere as well if you choose. You cannot, however, use a CS ISBN on versions published with someone else. If you use more than one publisher, they can each supply their own ISBN, or you can supply an ISBN and use it with all publishers (so long as the book is identical, otherwise you need a different ISBN for each version).

Thursday, March 10, 2011

nb of search queries...

"1000 names of shiva" = 19'000 results

1000 names of shiva = 1'300'000 results

"how to flirt with men" = 97'000 results

how to flirt with men - 21'000'000

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How many books on kindle compared with printed books?

Here are some numbers:

  • Midlife crisis - 496 printed - 95 kindle
  • Breakup - 949 printed - 104 kindle
  • Jealousy - 1093 printed - 101 kindle
So, this means that you have 5-10 X more books available in print than on kindle.

Now, when I check my preliminary results on both platforms, I get 2-5 X more sales orders on kindle than I get on paperbacks.

This grossly reflects the fact that there is way more competition on the printed books than on the kindle books.

Why not exactly 5-10 times more sales reflecting the exact competition size? Because the kindle platform or requests might get less demand than the printed books - This would mean that 60% of people still prefer the printed version compared with the kindle version.

These are rough estimations but I believe they reflect the audience's needs.

Logical of course!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

create sales page like an iphone app

It is that easy to buy from your iphone - I noticed how convenient this is - maybe the long sales pages era is over and it is time to explore new formats?

I tested having just a video on the page and this can work fine - so far, the traditional sales page works better.

One of the elements that is really helpful for iphone apps are the screenshots - a good idea for my sales page rather than having the test drives I used to have till now...

to be followed...