Saturday, March 26, 2011

Books and ebooks strategies - a few questions

Now that my collection is published for kindle, partly as paperbacks and for nook, a few core strategic questions arise...

  • should I put links on my site to the amazon and nook pages?
that's like diverting traffic and could be confusing - so far I started and it seems to work but that's lots of links to update (50 titles) and potential for errors with linking is high.

So far though that's what I went for.

  • What terms to use - Books? Ebooks? Books/Ebooks? - create just one page for both products with all links or different sets?
What I tried so far is to have just one link: Books but I have to get a feel if this is not confusing as an ebook or a kindle format is very different from a paperback.

Books, audios or videos are radically different formats - books and ebooks have similar content

I want to keep things always simple to the max - this is why I want to find the absolute best way of doing that.


I am testing these things organically as the best way to find out is to try... So far I like what I create but it needs to be 100% coherent all over the site with just one system everywhere - so far it's not the case because I am still testing various formats.

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