Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How many books on kindle compared with printed books?

Here are some numbers:

  • Midlife crisis - 496 printed - 95 kindle
  • Breakup - 949 printed - 104 kindle
  • Jealousy - 1093 printed - 101 kindle
So, this means that you have 5-10 X more books available in print than on kindle.

Now, when I check my preliminary results on both platforms, I get 2-5 X more sales orders on kindle than I get on paperbacks.

This grossly reflects the fact that there is way more competition on the printed books than on the kindle books.

Why not exactly 5-10 times more sales reflecting the exact competition size? Because the kindle platform or requests might get less demand than the printed books - This would mean that 60% of people still prefer the printed version compared with the kindle version.

These are rough estimations but I believe they reflect the audience's needs.

Logical of course!

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