Sunday, March 27, 2011

what works best on amazon - fancy book cover with with image or just title in big black letters?

Here are the stats for March 2011
  • on kindle, I have 44 titles
  • 26 titles have an image on the cover
  • 18 title are just text on the cover
Here are the sales stats:
  • kindle sales with image cover - 25
  • kindle sales with text cover - 9
  • paperback sales with image cover - 3
  • paperback sales with text cover - 7
  • nook sales with image cover - 3
  • nook sales with text cover - 6
  • with image cover - 31
  • with text cover - 22
As you can see, there is no major difference in the sales - Of course, not enough sales to have a final real exact statistical result but the numbers are quite clear...

here is what I think happens:
  • what people don't want is a real cheap cover - I took the time to design a cover with logo, some color and descriptive title with big lack letters
  • in the listing results, I believe that the clear text in bold large letters on the cover does stand out and is easy to spot
  • people will most probably download a sample and check the table of content before they make a decision
  • I get a bit the impression that only text on the cover might even position you as an expert and give a bit the feel of and expert report - many to selling ebooks out there have no picture on their icons, just plain descriptive text in thick letters.
  • Another element is that my descriptive titles do need the space on the cover anyway and it would be challenging to have both a picture + descriptive title and be readable on the small preview icons.
  • at this stage, I don't have a final answer but it is clear that titles with just text on cover do sell
So, for now, the conclusion is that the strategy I used so far does work

To be followed...

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