Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Access everything? are the ads working?

This needs to be checked on a longer time frame.

As it's a more expensive product, emotional on the spot sales are usually less.

so, I need to wait for at least a month to see an impact.

On that one, a limiting factor is of course that so much is in free access.

As I explained earlier, only 5% of visitors will actually hit a door where they are asked to purchase the membership.

5% out of 500 visits/day - that's 25 visitors/day

if the conversion rate is 0.5% (non targeted traffic) - this could mean 1 sale every 8 days.

or around 3 sales/month.

But I need to check this deeper and still optimize all that...

Another one is the fact that the ebooks icons are inconsistent, messy or duplicated which could kill credibility

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