Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Limiting factors in new sales page?

Here are some possible limiting elements:
  • Little Traffic?
  • Too many distracting elements?
  • Too much for free on the site?
  • Price too high? $19 right now?
  • Not enough info? - sales page too short?
  • lack of trust or credibility because of unknown brand
These are possible guesses - not sure if any of these do apply to my new sales pages.

Traffic is definitely a super limiting factor!!!

If everything would work perfectly, traffic would still be the limiting element.

Why is that?

Well, check how many visits arrive in a month to the internet dating book, or the sex for men book.

Most of them get 0-100 visits/month with often visit numbers being around 20-40.

That's not much!

Even if the conversion rate is 1%, that's one sale in 1-6 months/book.

50 books with similar traffic would bring maybe 10 sales/month if everything was super optimized.

So, this still could mean some sales even if traffic is limited but it needs to be systematic for all books.

In fact I realize that when I check the numbers, there could be some sales increase, so, in a way, I am into something.

That's not a revolution but some extra income.

If everything was optimized on the site for this to work, the sales could be around 20 sales/month.

Still not much but it ads up when with other sales channels and the other products that already sell now....

To be followed....

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