Wednesday, August 17, 2011

access everything option on programs sales page - it's working

I added the access everything option on sales pages for programs like break sup and jealousy.

The reason I didn't implement it before is because too many choices confuse buyers.

It gives you reasons to hesitate.

So, it's often easier and less stressful to make a buying decision if you have just one choice.

The sales for programs are still coming in as usual - I don't see an energy blockage on that level.

So, that's good!

I don't enough data to measure exactly if there is an increase or decrease in sales.

My guess is that sales are more or less steady with little to no change either way.

What could happen though is a few more access everything sales in the month.

Right now, a $19 program against $99 access everything membership, it looks like it's 90% sales for the program because the $19 is really high value for what it is.

also, the program is rich!

with the ebook sales pages, that's another story.

So far, sales seem to be 50% for ebooks - 50% for access everything.


Because one ebook for $19 is less value than access everything for $99

If I wanted to increase access everything sales on programs sales pages, the price for the full program should be $49 - The incentive to buy access everything would be way higher.

but with the current prices, getting the program for $19 is a no brainer for 90% of the customers.

Maybe only 10% customers will be tempted by and choose the access everything option for $99 which still represents an expected 2 to 5 sales per month

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