Sunday, September 25, 2011

What's the greatest obstacle to sale?

It is the fact that the perceived need is not strong enough!

For instance, you enter a shop and think about getting a new pair of jeans.

You quickly think about it and realize that you already have 4 pairs of them at home.

You walk out of the store without spending a penny.

Why is that?

It is because at first the perceived need was high enough to get you to enter the shop.

You thought that maybe you needed a new model, or forgot about the 4 pairs you already had.

After entering the shop, you start thinking and the perceived need drops.

It drops because, maybe the models you see don't match your expectations or you remember the 4 pairs you already have or the price is too high.

price too high means that the need is to small to justify the investment.

If the price is equal to the perceived value or the perceived need, you hesitate.

If the price is lower than the perceived need you get the pair of jeans.

If the price is too high, you give up.

So, the sale process is a battle between 2 forces:

forces that push the sale and forces that object the sale.

It's a battle between those 2.

In the objections you can as well have practical objections, like the fact that you don't know where to park that new car.

In the objections line, you can find as well lack of trust!

this means that you don't trust the product or service.

another objection is missing information which is the same as lack of trust.

This means that buying confidence is too low.

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